Loot To Shoot is a survival game in which you must defeat aliens in order to aquire gun parts to become stronger and face more foes. The main focus behind the game is found within the weapon system, in which guns are never replaced. Parts of guns are instead used to upgrade your arsenal. It contains 3 semi-random generated maps which all contain a different setting, map layout and color palette to add some diversity. This game is currently being developed by a 4 man team, including myself and 3 other students.

To progress in the game, you must complete 1 of 3 objectives. The first is to kill a certain amount of units (in this case, 10), gather 3 pieces of intel throughout the map or find a portal, activate it and kill the boss it spawns.

Controls :

WASD : Move around the world

Mouse Click : Shoot

BackSpace : Reset button (Will kill you)

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